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Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing is the process of using social media sites, to help promote a product or service.  It helps companies and organisations to find new customers, engage with existing ones and enhance the company’s brand and ethos.

Also called e-marketing, or digital marketing, social media marketing allows companies to connect directly with their customers and achieve their branding and marketing goals.



is Social Media Marketing needed?
PPC is important because it provides a way of ensuring that your website is shown on the first page of a search engine.  Up to 92% of all clicks come from results that are displayed on the first page of a search engine’s search listings.  Within an hour or two of your PPC advert being published, you could expect to see visitors to your site.  This is especially useful for new sites with limited or no exposure.
Social Media Marketing help?

Before starting out, it’s important to define what your social media marketing goals are.  This will help you to create your social media strategy.  By identifying what you are trying to achieve and who your target audience is, social media marketing can:


  • increase website traffic
  • promote brand awareness
  • improve communication and relationships with customers
  • provide targeted ads based on age, location, industry and user behaviour

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Milners Solicitors

This client wanted a full digital strategy to be implemented. From a responsive SEO website to a managed social media marketing campaign.

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