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Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC is a internet marketing method, where advertisers pay a fee, each time one of their adverts is clicked.  This differs from “organic” search results because advertisers are effectly paying for visits to their site, rather than relying on search engines to rank and display their site.




is PPC needed?

PPC is important because it provides a way of ensuring that your website is shown on the first page of a search engine.  Up to 92% of all clicks come from results that are displayed on the first page of a search engine’s search listings.  Within an hour or two of your PPC advert being published, you could expect to see visitors to your site.  This is especially useful for new sites with limited or no exposure.




PPC help?


PPC helps to provide consistent traffic to your website and allows you to set budgets to your campaigns.  The bigger the budget, the more traffic you can expect to see.


Targeting keywords to match your customer searches helps to ensure that your ads are exposed to the right people and visitors


PPC allows you to quickly change your adverts, to ensure that they are achieving the results that you are looking for.  If a campaign is not working as effectively as you would like, it can easily be changed until the right combination of text, keywords and landing page.  This way, you have ultimate control over the message you want to send out and the type of people that you want to reach


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